Recurring Themes and Some Theories

These are some themes that permeate many of my dreams, past and present.  As of late, I have tried to stop over-analyzing the Freudian meanings behind dream elements.  However, I feel that these topics' frequency gives them a certain weight of importance.  And since most of my dreams contain some level of anxiety, these themes obviously reflect major emotive triggers.  I have also used these major topics to tag my posts.

Stupid People
I'm sure everybody dreams about the people in their lives.  Unfortunately for those who know me, I often paint others as idiots in my dreams; not to make myself look better, as it is often a source of frustration and anger for me in the dream.  People who I respect and cherish for their intelligence and passion in real life, are dumb, obtuse, and apathetic in many of my dreams.  They won't or can't help me.  They don't care that something bad is happening, even if it involves them.  They can't or won't answer my questions.
In real life, I hate stupid people and complain about them A LOT.  Maybe I'm afraid that the people I love will catch the vapid virus.

We all have naked dreams.  Like most people, in dreams I am naked when I am not supposed to be.  For me, others don't notice until I become fully aware that I'm not wearing clothes.
It's not a jump to say this reflects body issues and general insecurity.

One of the best parts of life.  Also, one of the most complicated of human relations.  The latter is way more often reflected in my dreams.  This refers to all sex acts: with other(s) or solo.  In short, something is always askew.
  • It starts out with one person who turns into someone I definitely don't want, or shouldn't want to have sex with.
  • The mechanics aren't working.
  • The setting is wrong or inappropriate.
  • Something is wrong with me physically - i.e. I haven't showered or shaved.
  • Things take a weird (read: not hot) turn.
  • Something(s) is preventing the event from actually happening.
It is EXTREMELY rare that I have a dream about someone that I am attracted to in which we get it on, everyone has a good time, and that's it.  Although, when it does happen, I am quite grateful.
I'm sure this speaks volumes about my self-esteem and confidence.

I have many dreams about losing, breaking, damaging my teeth.  Adult teeth become loose and sometimes fall out.  I try to push them back in or hang onto them until I can get to a dentist.
In real life, I grind my teeth at night and was raised by a dental hygenist.  Probably a no-brainer.
  • A subset of the teeth topic is gum.  I often have a dream where I am chewing gum and I either must or want to get rid of it but physically cannot spit it out.  I try to pull it out, but it gets stuck in the back of my mouth.  I pull and pull with both hands and the gum eventually snaps.  After I close my mouth, I realize that there is still plenty of gum in it.  The amount of gum multiplies the more I pull it and eventually my hands get covered in sticky sugar and saliva.  The gum is always pink.  This dream has never ended with me succeeding in removing all the gum.  I have no idea what any of this means.
Much of my dream content revolves are mundane, everyday tasks.  The thing to note here is that these dreams evoke a lot of anxiety.  I have a long to-do list that I can't get done.  I'm doing something that has to be done by a certain point and I'm running of out time.  I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but not accomplishing anything.  I'm involved in something with other people, but they aren't cooperating.  And so on, and so on.
I generally wake up feeling stressed and not refreshed at all.
I'm sure this is a direct result of my general high-strung nature and tendency to worry and sweat the small stuff.

Body Issues
These are dreams that involve me being fat, ugly, dressed in the wrong clothes, or generally unattractive in some way.  I don't think it takes a degree to figure out what is behind these dreams.